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Film Schedule:

Time Films Location
5:00-7:00pm Film Makers Reception C.B. Grille
7:30 pm Drama Shorts Block
Mary by Blurred Pictures
Nora by Skyler Lawson
Breathless by Riley Anne Martin
The Stones We Throw by Olivia J Carmel

Undertaker by Brenton Oeschle

Sisters by Shannon Smith

On The Rockies
9:00pm Drama Feature Film: Good Kids by Dug Rowland II On The Rockies


10:00-11:00am Film Makers Forum Center Village
7:30 pm  

Drama Shorts Block
Fish by Richard Corso
Mud Lotus by Chris White
Web of Lies by Nelson Goforth

Rations by Nikie Perlmutter and Alex Rhodes

Fighting Finite by Evan Wylie

On The Rockies
8:15 pm  

Comedy Shorts Block
Hobbies by Raleigh Cain
Gilded by Maitland  Lottimer
Happy F-ing Valentine’s Day by Sheila Schroeder
Riviera by Camera Speeds, Inc.


Center Village
9:15pm Dramatic Feature Film: Red Pearl by Stacy Barton and Jessica MCGaugh On The Rockies


9:15pm Comedy Feature Film: Impressions by Maggie Hart Center Village


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