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Sampling of 2017 Offerings

CB Grille – Truffled beef short rib grilled cheese with white Cheddar, sourdough and pickled onion

Jack’s – Bacon wrapped grilled cheese, smoked cheddar, King’s Hawaiian roll, pork green chili, fried jalapeno and micro cilantro

JJ’s – Admiral’s Grilled Cheese.  Mascarpone Provolone, lobster, blue crab, shrimp, arugula, tomato and scallions on a grilled sweet potato roll

Endo’s – Manchego cheese, white Cheddar, quince spread, chorizo on a grilled Telera roll with roasted leek relish

Storm King – Japanese tomago (scrambled egg), griddled ramen noodles, braised pork, sharp white Cheddar, Gochujang, grilled flatbread, pickled beet nest

Solitude – Meatloaf Melt.   Rosemary butter brioche, wild mushroom meatloaf, Cheddar, Provolone, sweet corn Aioli, roasted carrots, sundried tomato demi-glace

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